Surrey Voices: The Disability Podcast

This podcast explores the issues which impact those with disabilities, sensory needs, autism, and mental health. We follow the achievements of those using Surrey Choices services. Surrey Choices provides support services to improve the independence, confidence and life skills of people with a range of disabilities and support needs, whatever their age, in their local community. Choices Waves is a vocational project within Surrey Choices, making radio shows and podcasts.

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Friday Apr 26, 2024

Join us as we celebrate national pet day. National pet day is a day for us to come together and celebrate the joy that pets bring into peoples lives and encourage people to help reduce the number of animals in shelters. 
We wanted to talk all things animals and find out how we can do our bit to advocate for animals. 
Magic Ponies

Thursday Mar 28, 2024

This Month we explore English Tourism week. We Speak to Judy Bec from Boomtown festival who tells us all about what to expect this summer and how their festival is more accessible than ever and find out what's happening at Kew, we speak to Eleanor Cocks about how to make the most of your visit with their huge range of events and activities.

Friday Mar 01, 2024

This month's Podcast is all about Time to Talk and breaking down the stigma around Mental health. We speak with Connie from The Mary Frances Trust and David from Anxiety UK and Join us for a guided meditation and take 5 minutes for yourself. 
Help and Information

National Storytelling Week

Friday Feb 02, 2024

Friday Feb 02, 2024

Joined by Dr Belo Cipriani of Oleb Books, Gordon Jackson from Guildford Book Fest.
Produced by David Lance, Carinder Malhi, Natasha Hall, Dan Tromp, Matthew England, Andrew Wray. 

Friday Dec 22, 2023

Joined by Nationwide-Gatwick Airport-Freedom Leisure 
In this months podcast we continue to talk about accessibility. We explore accessible services and ask what companies are doing to be more inclusive to all consumers.

Thursday Nov 30, 2023

 This Month we are supporting Purple Tuesday. Accessibility is important to our team at Choices Waves, and we wanted to talk to different areas of the community to see how accessible these places really are. We speak with AccessAble about how to find accessible places and the importance of accessibility.  
We talk with Hassell Inclusion about how companies can train to be more inclusive, TFL talk to us about public transport and getting out and about. We head to London to chat with the science museum about accessible information. 

Friday Sep 29, 2023

This month's Podcast is hosted by Poppy, Matthew and Martin. We wanted to explore Sexual Health week which was the 11th-17th of September. But we wanted to do it a little differently. We explore the world of disability Dating and relationships. Carinder, David, Dan and Tash chat with Rachel who is doing amazing research on LGBTQ+ and disabilities, Stephen from Pryzm about Discobility , Jamie from Mayhem in Woking and Lucy from Meet N Match, a Disability dating agency.

All about the Environment

Wednesday Aug 30, 2023

Wednesday Aug 30, 2023

This month its all about the environment. We chat with Just Stop Oil, The Surrey Wildlife Trust and visit Newlands Corner with The Surrey Hills Society and Surrey Choices' Growth team. -IPPC Report - Climate Change Easy Read - .gov press release - Surrey Wildlife Trust - Surrey Hills - Just Stop Oil - Tickets for WonderDusk - Freewheelers

Down Syndrome Awareness

Monday Jul 31, 2023

Monday Jul 31, 2023

This month's podcast is all about Down syndrome. Our host Matthew shares his experience. We hear from Lorni from the Down's syndrome Association, Pops chats with Helen from PSDS and hear from Nicola Enoch from Down Syndrome Uk.  Find the link to her Tedx Talk below;  How I nearly terminated my son through ignorance. 

Learning Disability Week 2023

Tuesday Jun 27, 2023

Tuesday Jun 27, 2023

This month's podcast is all about Learning Disability week. Our host Tash shares her experience and chats with Dan.
Martin and Salvatore meet Ciara; from Mencap who hosts her own podcast show. 
Jackie Doe tells us about books beyond words and how to get involved and Future Choices get excited for Wimbledon. 
Surrey Choices - Every Life, Every Chance - Surrey Choices


Surrey Choices

We provide a range of support services to improve the independence, confidence and life skills of people with a range of disabilities and support needs, whatever their age, in their local community.

Surrey Choices supports disabled people, autistic people, those with sensory needs, those with mental health problems and older people. Our objective is to allow every person the chance to fulfil their potential and reach their goals, through enjoying, learning and achieving.

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